Words on Worship: Devotions of Praise (Paperback)

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When we worship God, in a crowd or alone with our Bible, He is praised and glorified. Charles Billingsley has led worship in huge arenas, but worship is always about the intimacy between one person and God. With Words on Worship, you are invited into private, personal worship with your Lord. 

These warm, intimate writings encourage and guide you through daily worship and devotions. They set the tone for the day to be one of praise, gratitude, and companionship with God.


What others are saying about Words on Worship


"I've had the incredible privilege of serving in ministry with Charles Billingsley for many years. One constant I've seen is that he is not just about music. His passion is to be in the presence of God and lead others to the same place. This book will help lead you there. Read it, pray it, live it, and share it. It will change your perspective; it will change your life."—Jonathan Falwell, senior pastor, Thomas Road Baptist Church, Lynchburg, VA


“I don’t recommend reading this devotional while listening to Charles’ music at the same time. It may cause fervent prayer, joyful noises, wild hand waving, a soft and pliable heart, and honest tears. And in most cases, although not to be considered extreme, a heart and soul deeply connected to God.”—Candace Cameron Bure, actress, producer, author, and TV host


“I am convinced Charles Billingsley will be leading worship in heaven. If you want a deeper understanding of worship, read this book!”—Karen Kingsbury, best-selling author


"A lifestyle of worship is so much more than singing a song to the Lord. It's giving God glory in the way we live, love, and serve. To know Charles is to see a person who truly loves God with all of his heart and it spills out into every aspect of his life."—Denise Jones, Point of Grace


"Charles gives us straightforward, inspiring, and relevant examples of how to pursue a life that glorifies God."—Wes Hampton, Gaither Vocal Band


“My friend Charles Billingsley has been leading people into a deeper sense of devotion and a lifestyle of worship. Now, you can be encouraged daily by the Word and by Charles through this daily devotional.”—Ed Stetzer, Billy Graham Distinguished Chair, Wheaton College


 “When our lifestyle is full of worship, then our lives are full of meaning. That’s why I’m so grateful for Charles’s new devotional—he helps us do just that, live worshipfully! He makes it so accessible and doable because each entry is practical, inspiring and concise.  I have, like thousands, been blessed by Charles’s worship leading over the years, and this book is just another beautiful way he leads us into God’s presence.”—Jennifer Rothschild, author of Lessons I learned in the Dark and 66 Ways God Loves You


“For years, I have been inspired by Charles Billingsley's music. Thanks to his poignant book, Words on Worship, I am blessed by his encouraging words. He inspires me to be a more devoted disciple of Christ.”—Babbie Mason, award-winning singer, songwriter, and author


"Charles Billingsley ranks among the best worship leaders of this generation. The words he writes will awaken your heart to pursue worship as a lifestyle."—Margaret Feinberg, author of Flourish and Fight Back With Joy


“Charles Billingsley brings excellence in worship. But more important than that, he brings authenticity, a heart, and message that goes beyond a song.”—Anthony Evans, President/CEO, Anthony Evans Entertainment/Sherman James productions 


“I love Charles. He is a leader among worship leaders.  This devotional will be of great value to me and many other worship pastors.”—Clay Crosse, worship leader and concert artist


"Charles’ greatest gift is not his amazing vocal ability, but his ability to lead people to the throne of God in true, God-honoring worship."—Tony Perkins, president, Family Research Council


Words On Worship is a must have. In a world of mass identity crisis and self-enthronement, Charles has created a vital and useful tool to help us all continually fix our gaze on the only one who satisfies and the only one worthy of our total worship, Jesus.”—Michael Neale, singer/songwriter and worship pastor at Prestonwood Baptist Church, Plano, Texas  


“Charles Billingsley gives us a great gift—moments of quiet in an ever chaotic world."—Johnnie Moore, bestselling author, founder and CEO of The KAIROS Company


"Charles has done more than write a book about the lifestyle of worship. He has literally lived a lifestyle of worship for decades. After 20 years of friendship, I'm happy to see that Charles loves Jesus more now than ever, and he's willing to share part of what he's learned with us in these pages."—Clayton King, pastor, Newspring Church, Anderson, South Carolina


“These short daily readings will encourage believers to seek a lifestyle of worship and connectedness with the Savior that will both challenge them and inspire their daily mission, life, and calling.”—Chuck Wallington, president, Christian Supply Inc.


"Charles Billingsley epitomizes worship in every area of his life. His insights will not only inspire, but draw you closer to God.”—Vernon Brewer, president and CEO, World Help


“Worship isn't just rising to your feet, eyes closed, hands in the air, and singing with all your heart. Through this devotional Charles shows us examples of other types of worship and how to apply it to our everyday lives. This is a must read!!”—Mandy Young, motivational speaker


"I am always in search of a devotional book that has immediacy and life application. Pastor Billingsley's latest book does just that!”—Buzz Williams, head basketball coach, Virginia Tech 


"If there's anyone that lives a life of worship, it's Charles Billingsley. I have watched him for many years be passionate about his calling to lead people into the presence of God. He's an anointed singer, a gifted writer, and a man that has consistently used those gifts and talents to change the hearts and lives of countless people."—Jody McBrayer, singer, Cana's Voice, formerly of Avalon


"Worship is all about focus. Where we set our sights, what has our attention, and what has captured our hearts. Living in what I believe is the most distracted and fast paced time in human history, we so need to learn how to live a lifestyle of worship, ever gazing upon the beauty of our God. I believe this book will take you back to that quiet, focused and beautiful place before Gods throne time and time again."—Tommy Walker, worship leader, songwriter, and recording artist