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Right Here

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Released March 4, 2016 Charles Billingsley Concert Ministry

From Charles: Each time I set out to create a new project it begins with prayer. I ask the Lord to give me wisdom to write songs, choose the best songs, find the perfect producers, and sing well. It’s a lengthy process that can take several months, but when I finally receive that finished master, it’s a wonderful feeling of accomplishment. Then…the work really begins. Now that the project is complete, it is my job to communicate the truth of these songs to you, the listener.

So…I pray. I pray as you listen to these songs, that God would speak to your heart. I pray these songs will remind you of the power of the cross, the significance of His supreme sacrifice, the victory of His resurrection, and the promise of His return just over the horizon. I pray these lyrics will lift you up if you are down, draw you back to Him if you have walked away, and help build back your faith if it has been broken. Most of all, I pray these songs will cause your heart to respond in worship. Much of this project is a celebration of the fact that we DO worship a risen Savior who is King of Kings and Lord or Lords.  He is worthy of the highest praise, which is a life completely devoted to Him. May these songs draw you closer to Him and may they serve as a constant reminder that our life-giving Savior will never leave you. He will never forsake you. He is always…right here.

Songs Include:

  • I Let My Heart Open
  • Mountaintops
  • Jesus You Are
  • God is Good
  • Right Here
  • Majesty (Here I Am)
  • Hallelujah for the Savior
  • Victory (The Blood of Jesus)
  • There's Nothing My God Cannot Do
  • See You Again (featuring Meredith Andrews)
  • Horizon