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Worship God as a Self-Feeder

Posted by Charles Billingsley on

One of the small joys of parenting comes when your children have matured enough to feed themselves.  No longer are you having to hover over their high chair with a baby spoon filled with blended vegetable ‘ick’ because they can now choose, chew and swallow their own bites of food.  However, if they only eat one meal a week, they would probably starve…or at the very least be extremely malnourished and unhealthy.  And yet, many Christians treat their own spiritual growth in this way.  Remember this, the key to your spiritual maturity and lifestyle of worship is to become a self-feeder.  One sermon on a Sunday morning is never enough.  Dive into the word of God yourself.  Seek His face each day of every week!  Learn to worship the Lord beyond just a few songs on Sunday.  You will find that the more you do this, the more hungry you become for more of Him.    

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