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Worshiping at the Center of His Will

Posted by Charles Billingsley on

Have you ever wondered if you are living in the center of God’s will?  It can be difficult at times to discern exactly what His will is for us in certain situations, but one thing is for sure.  It is His will, first and foremost, that you Love Him with all your heart.  In His words, the greatest commandment of all is that we love Him with all our strength and with all our minds.  So the first step to living in the will of God is to fall in love with Jesus.  This alone will prioritize your life and cause you to make much wiser decisions.  Loving the Lord with all your heart will make you think before you act.  Your heart’s desire will be to please Him before any other.  This in turn will open your ears to His voice.  And when you are able to hear from God clearly, His will becomes a much clearer picture.

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