Worship with purpose

Posted by Charles Billingsley on

Do you ever sit in church and wonder what is the purpose in all this? The reason we gather together each week to sing praises and study His word goes back to the beginning of faith itself. Abraham worshiped together with his family.  Moses would gather the people of God together to worship and hear the law of God.  Joshua did the same, and we have been doing it ever since. The reason:  to draw near to the presence of God as His children.  Yes, we learn from His word, and yes, we sing songs of praise and give in the offerings and celebrate baptisms.  But primarily, we are there to experience His presence among us.  For it is in the presence of God Almighty that hardened hearts are broken, broken lives are mended, and mended souls are encouraged. Worship the Lord with the purpose of dwelling in His presence.  It will change you forever.

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