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Worshiping in the valleys

Posted by Charles Billingsley on

One of the greatest quotes on worship I’ve ever heard came from T.W. Hunt in his book The Mind of Christ. He said: “If we praise the Lord on the mountaintops and don’t do it in the valleys, it’s not praise of the Lord at all, it’s just praise of our feelings.  His worth doesn’t depend on our mood.” He is worthy all the time.  And that means we worship the Lord in the good times and the bad.   In fact when I look back, having been through many valleys myself, I’ve discovered I learn much more about worship in the bad times than I do in the good. Mountaintop experiences are awesome.  But let’s be honest, we are rarely on a mountaintop. The valley is where we live.  And the valley is also where we learn.  Worship Jesus in the valley.  You will discover He is more than capable of carrying you through it. 

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