Worship that irrigates

Posted by Charles Billingsley on

Many years ago farmers who lived in dry climates learned that they could not effectively grow crops if they completely relied on rainfall.  Something had to be done to actively capture the rainwater and control the use of that water throughout the season.  So they came up with the process of irrigation. Passively waiting on it to rain can mean the loss of crops.  Actively irrigating the water when it did rain created ways to sustain the crops.  And so it is with our lifestyle of worship.  God has given us the power of His spirit.  He has already provided the rain.  Now, it is up to us to actively pursue growing in Him and pursuing a lifestyle of worship and holiness.  Just like that farmer uses what God has provided to grow His crops, so we must use what God has provided for us in His spirit and His word to actively grow in Him each and every day.

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