Worship with boldness.

Posted by Charles Billingsley on

We live in interesting times.  There are days where tolerance is preached boldly…until you preach Jesus boldly.  Then the tolerant are not so tolerant anymore.  These are days when acceptance is touted as a must in our society…until you stand boldly for Jesus.  Then you are not so accepted anymore.  We must remember that the very nature of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus is offensive to all those who do not believe.  So we must serve and present the word of God to the unbeliever with love and a lifestyle that is consistent and holy…but still unashamed.  Don't be surprised when ridicule comes.  Jesus told us to expect it.  Don't be surprised when it seems like every religion or agenda is favored above that of the Christian church.  Jesus warned us about that.  Instead…stay faithful. Worship boldly.  Love loudly.  And live honestly.  God will honor you for that, and you will see many lives changed along the way.

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