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Are you hungry for worship?

Posted by Charles Billingsley on

When my son Cooper was younger, we had a hard time getting him to eat his food at the table.  On one occasion, we could not get him to even eat three bites of his lunch that my wife had so lovingly prepared.  We grew very frustrated with Cooper and his stubbornness, so after quite a bit of negotiating, I had enough.  I told him he would have to sit at that table until he ate at least half his lunch.  Would you believe at 5:00 that afternoon, he still had not eaten?  It was a Sunday, and time for us to be back to church, so I finally gave in. Later that night I thought about that whole scenario and this simple thought entered my head.  Cooper wouldn't eat his lunch because he wasn't hungry enough. Yes, he was being stubborn and testing his boundaries as a child, but had he been starving, there is no doubt he would gladly have eaten.  Could it be that the reason we don't worship the Lord like we should is simply because we are not hungry enough for His presence in our lives.

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