Worshiping in the storms of life

Posted by Charles Billingsley on

You remember the story of Peter walking on the water? It was a terrifying storm out at sea.  The disciples are working hard to keep their boat upright, and then they see what appears to be a ghost approaching them, walking on the water. The next thing we know is that Peter jumps out of the boat and begins to walk on water towards Jesus.  But suddenly Peter begins to sink.  Was it because the storm was so rough?  I mean, everyone knows you can't walk on water during a storm, right?  Oh wait, you can't walk on water when it's as calm as glass, either.  The point is: it's not the storm that kept Peter from walking on water; he took his eyes off Jesus.  His faith grew weak and he began to sink.  Please remember today, it is not the storms of life that keep you from becoming a worshiping disciple of Jesus.  It is only when we take our eyes off Him that we begin to falter.  So turn you eyes back on Jesus today through any storm you may be going facing!

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