Worshiping free of self-ambition

Posted by Charles Billingsley on

Self-ambition can be a good thing.  But it can also get us in trouble pretty quickly, especially when our ambitions work outside of the will of God.  My friend Lance Witt in his book Replenish says, "There is a difference between exposing something and extinguishing something." Self-ambition is exposed in many of us when we work so hard to accomplish our goals.  But when those goals move beyond the will of God, it's time to extinguish them and seek His face to see where we went astray.  You will never be satisfied if your self-ambition causes you to succeed in the world's eyes and yet fail in God's will.  Follow God's plan first.  You will find that He is a master at mastering our self-ambition and turning us into selfless servants.  And when He has us there, He can use us to change the world for His glory.

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