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How great is our God!

Posted by Charles Billingsley on

The story goes that one morning a young boy approached his father and asked him "What does heaven look like?"  His father responded and said: "This afternoon while you are under the deck playing with your trucks, look up and see what is underneath that floorboard."  So the young boy did what his father asked. But when he looked up, he saw nothing but dirt dobber nests, spider webs, and ugliness. That evening when his father returned from work, the boy told him he had done just as his father had told him, but he didn’t understand. His father told him he would give him the answer after dinner.  So after dinner, when the sun had set and the sky was lit with stars, the father took his son outside and stood still beneath the gorgeous moonlit night.  Then he said, "Remember I told you to look up while your were underneath that deck and see what lies beneath the floorboard?   I want you to look up now.  You see how beautiful that night sky is?  I can't tell you what heaven looks like, but that my, my son, is just the floorboard."

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