Worship Better. Worship Free

Posted by Charles Billingsley on

Freedom opens the door to possibilities and opportunities.  Freedom gives us the chance to be better, to improve our position without fear and without interference.  We can thank our forefathers for this freedom.  And we can thank the many men and women who died to preserve it.  This week as we celebrate our nation's birthday, let's be reminded that our freedom is to be cherished.  Every time you get in your car to drive around town, it's because you are free to do so.  Every vacation we take, every paycheck we earn, and every investment we make is all because we have the freedom to do so.  We have rights to vote, rights to bear arms, and rights to worship God…all because of freedom.  But today, let's also remember that freedom doesn't just give us rights to do as we please, but it also gives us the opportunity to do what's right.

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