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Worship between now and then

Posted by Charles Billingsley on

I am guilty of always having my mind on the future.  I know it is a good thing to plan.  But it is a bad thing to plan without God.  In fact, when we leave God out of our planning, He may leave us out of His.  So let me propose this plan for you today.  Number 1: Be wise and prepare yourself for the future…financially, spiritually, relationally.  Number 2:  Be careful and make sure that you are following God's will in all of this.  Number 3:  Be alert and know that your plans could change in an instant because God is in charge and you are not.  And number 4:  Be thankful and rest in the fact that your life is in His hands.  He holds your future, and He holds you now!  Allow Him to mold your heart today and this will shape your future.  

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