Worship the Lord right now

Posted by Charles Billingsley on

Life is like a vapor.  We are here on this earth for just a short time, and then we are gone.   Since we are here for only a little while, my question is what are you doing with this precious time right now?  Have you ever noticed that so much of our time in the now is spent planning what we will do in the future?  We tend to live lives with the mindset of "when I have this, or when I get there…" But the Apostle James encourages us to think about what we are doing right now.  He reminds us that we do not know what will happen tomorrow.  Only God knows our future, and only God holds our future.  We must approach each day with a surrendered will to follow His plan. Remember this...trusting in God is the only real way we can prepare ourselves for tomorrow, because He is the only one who controls it.  

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