Is your worship on automatic?

Posted by Charles Billingsley on

I love sweet tea.  But just as much as I love sweet tea…I can't stand unsweetened tea.  The difference, of course, is the sugar.  But have you ever poured sugar into your tea and forgotten to stir it up?  Technically, it IS sweet tea.  But experientially, it is NOT sweet. And so it is with our lives of worship.  We have been given that greatest gift imaginable…salvation!  But just like that sugar will settle at the bottom of the glass of tea if we don't stir it, if we don't continually grow closer to Jesus, we will become apathetic and complacent in our love for Him.  Paul uses this imagery as he encourages young Timothy to "stir up the gift of God that is within you." He was reminding Timothy and the rest of us that God has given us the spirit of power and love through His salvation and that those around us are in need of our passionate and dedicated service to the Lord. So get out of automatic, and let God stir you today so that you exude the sweet salvation that comes only from Jesus.    

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