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Worship with dignity

Posted by Charles Billingsley on

I just finished reading Exodus chapter 28.  This chapter is all about God's amazingly detailed plans for the priestly garments that God intended for Aaron and Aaron's sons to wear.  I am always blown away by just how incredibly detailed God is.  And in this chapter, God states that the garments He has detailed will give Aaron dignity and honor in his role.  Now, as my friend Lance Witt points out in his book Replenish, in our culture, dignity and honor does not come in the form of tunics or robes, but rather "true spiritual dignity comes from a healthy soul and a life marked by spiritual power and the presence of Christ."  If you want to worship with dignity, then it goes way beyond what you wear to church on Sunday, or how loud you sing, or even how much you put in the offering.  Worshiping with dignity means we stand clean before our maker, motivated only by the desire to bring praise and honor to the only one who is worthy of it...King Jesus.  

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