How is it with your soul?

Posted by Charles Billingsley on

"How is it with your soul?"  That's a question the old Wesleyans would ask each other when they got together.  It's an intriguing question that probes beyond the surface and gets to the heart of the matter quickly.  It is a question that starts from the inside and works its way out.  Our soul is, by far, the most precious possession we have.   So, just as we need to tend to our bodies and get physical exercise, so we need to tend to the health of our souls if we want to be spiritually strong. Begin by drawing near to the only one who can help you…Jesus.  Dive into the Word of God with purpose and direction.  Set your feet on a path of spiritual growth.  The resources are endless, but start with the simple reading of the Word of God and with simply pouring your heart out to Him in prayer. Doing that each day will improve the condition of your soul for eternity. 

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