Front stage and back stage living

Posted by Charles Billingsley on

We all live two lives.  As my friend Lance Witt says in his book Replenish, we all have a front-stage life and a back-stage life.  Obviously, the front-stage life is the one everybody sees.  "It's where we are noticed, where the spotlight is on us, and where people applaud and affirm us."  But, we also have a back-stage life. The back-stage is often private, dark and messy. No audience is back there, and there is no spotlight, which means there is no glory either.  But, if we neglect the back-stage life, eventually the front-stage life will fall apart.  What happens back-stage facilitates and powers what happens on the front-stage.  So, while the front stage is all about doing, the back-stage is all about being. Living a lifestyle of worship is not so much about what you do, as much as it is about who you are!  Fall deeper in love with Jesus back-stage, and in time, you will find He blesses what you do on the front-stage.  

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