The root determines the fruit

Posted by Charles Billingsley on

There are over 23,000 types of trees…and every type has roots.  The root system of a tree usually grows between two to four times the width of the tree, establishing a foundation for growth and fed by the water and minerals of the soil.  The better the soil, the stronger the roots, the healthier the tree.  You can't see the roots, but they determine the health of that tree.  And so it goes in our lifestyle of worship.  Jesus warns us about seed thrown in stony areas where the soil is bad (Matthew 13:6).  There is no place for roots to take hold, and so the tree never grows and withers away.  You know people like this; don't be one of them.  Root your life in good soil.  In other words, ground yourself in the Word of God and surround yourself with strong believers. This will help you grow strong spiritual roots, which will provide the foundation for a fruitful life of worship.  

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