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Worship While You Work

Posted by Charles Billingsley on

It's May Day!   For many, it signifies international workers day in recognition of that fateful day in Chicago's Haymarket Square, when a peaceful demonstration turned violent.  The issue at hand was workers protesting their right to an 8-hour workday and the chance to be off work on Saturdays.  It's a long story, but largely because of these efforts, we have 8-hour workdays, 40-hour work weeks, child labor laws, and we can celebrate weekends in this country.  So what does this have to do with worship?  Well quite simply, I want to challenge you to worship God while you are at work.  Worship is not just singing songs, but rather it is an expression of your love for Jesus.  So look for ways you can bring honor to God in your work place.  From serving that boss who isn't very kind to showing love to that one in the office who is seemingly unlovable, you can truly worship and honor the Lord throughout that work week.  You are there for 40 hours anyway, so why not spend that time doing what you were created to do…worship God.    

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