Worship requires humility

Posted by Charles Billingsley on

Yesterday we talked briefly about worshiping humbly before our God.  We cited Jesus as the preeminent example of humility as He left his throne in Heaven to come live among us as gentle servant and suffering Savior.  The humility of Christ was authentic and deliberate.  What an example for you and me!  It would do us all well to practice this kind of humility.  Humility is not having some mindset of self-deprecation and self-loathing, but rather it is knowing your strengths and being honest enough to recognize and admit your weaknesses.  Of course, Jesus has no weaknesses. But you and I do.  So humility starts with being honest about who we really are...not who we are trying to portray ourselves to be.  Humble people are real people...genuine and authentic.  That's exactly the way Jesus lived, and that's exactly the way He wants us to worship Him.  

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