Worship Jesus the sacrificial Lamb

Posted by Charles Billingsley on

Throughout the Old Testament, we see that spotless lambs were slaughtered as a sacrificial worship offering to the Lord.  Sheep were dying for the shepherd.  But when Jesus came, all of that changed.  The great shepherd had come to die for His sheep.  So, when John refers to Jesus as the Lamb of God, those who heard him understood the reference.  However, this Lamb would be the ultimate, final sacrifice…as this Lamb had come to take away the sin of the world.  It's Good Friday…perhaps the most bittersweet day on the calendar for any believer.  It is bitter because this is the day we mourn the death of Christ.  It is sweet because had He not laid down His life, we would not know salvation. This is a sad day…but it is a good day.  For 2000 years ago on a Friday much like this, the greatness of mercy gave way to the power of grace. The sacrificial lamb was slain…but death wouldn't hold Him for long...

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