Worship God with your money

Posted by Charles Billingsley on

It has been said there are two things in life you cannot avoid: death and taxes.  It's tax day here in America.  And I can honestly say, I do not know anyone who enjoys paying taxes, but it is our duty as citizens to do what Jesus said in Mark 12 and "give to Caesar, that which is Caesar’s."  As a result, we enjoy the rights and securities our government affords us.  However, Jesus also said, "Give unto God, that which is God's."  Which of the two is most important?  They both are, but one is temporal, and one is eternal.  It is right for us to pay our taxes and to give the government what is due, but we must also give ourselves to God.  Yes, it is a sacrifice to pay those taxes, but in the end, it is only a percentage of our income.  However, it is a much more rewarding sacrifice to give unto God that which He deserves.  And what is that? All He wants…is all of you. So smile when you write that tax check and know that it is a blessing to live in a free country. But you can smile even more knowing that the true and living Savior has set your soul free.

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