Worship God with your feet - wherever you go

Posted by Charles Billingsley on

Psalm 8 is a beautiful chapter of praise in the Bible. The Psalmist declares to the Lord, "How excellent is your name in all the earth!"  All throughout the chapter reminds us who we are, who God is, and that our meaning begins and ends with His glory.  He tells us that all of creation has been placed under man's feet.  We are God's prized possession...His masterpiece. He has given us dominion over all other things.  So, wherever we walk, we must carry this responsibility on our shoulders with discipline and integrity.  We must take care of the earth because it is God's creation.  And we must beware that every decision we make always comes with a consequence.  So as you walk today, remember what is under your feet…the whole world.  Honor God in how you treat it, for how excellent is His name in all the earth!

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