Worship Christ for who He truly is

Posted by Charles Billingsley on


There is coming a day, when every living creature will bow before Jesus in worship.  Paul states this in Philippians 2. By this, Paul does not mean everyone and everything will bow in universal salvation, but rather universal subjugation. One day, every individual will face the Lord Jesus, and when that happens, they will have no choice but to acknowledge Him as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  So here's a question for you today: since we will all bow on our knees in worship at some point, why not live our lives in honor and reverence to King Jesus, now?  It is not as though He is unloving and uncaring, or that the abundant joy He offers now is miserable drudgery!  He is the author of hope and giver of life!  In Jesus is the fullness of true happiness!  So enjoy His presence today.  Don't wait for the glories of Heaven to discover the wonder of worship. Start right now by falling on your knees and giving your heart to Him in praise.