Is it possible to listen with your eyes?

Posted by Charles Billingsley on

There is much we can learn by hearing instruction.  But that learning process is even more effective when those instructions come to life by way of pictures or video or demonstration.  We are a visual people, and for many of us, we are able to grasp a concept more quickly when we see an example of it before us.  Jesus used word pictures and visuals all the time in His teaching.  One instance, in John 4, He says "Open your eyes and look at the fields…the are white for harvest.”  It is a visual reminder to all of us that the world is ripe for the telling of the good news of the Gospel.  As worshipers, our responsibility is to share the truth and love of the Gospel.  So I encourage you to today to open your eyes…and listen with them.  Can you see the cry of the poor and the needy?  Do you see the lonely weeping of the abused and abandoned?  Do you see the pleading heart of that bitter person at work?  Listen with you eyes…and the needs around you get louder.

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