Worship is for now, and for eternity

Posted by Charles Billingsley on

I was sitting in a restaurant the other day, and as I was waiting on my food I found myself staring at the silverware.  Oddly enough, I noticed that the fork and spoon, in a loose way,  reminded me of an open hand and a closed hand.  Just looking at these common household items reminded me of two special words in my life: prosperity and posterity. The fork, or open hand, represents prosperity, or success in life, but only by way of temporal things.  The spoon, or closed hand, represents posterity…also success in life…but in things that have eternal value.  May God help us all to be prosperous, but with an open hand.  And may we all have posterity... holding tightly onto those values with a closed hand. So next time you sit down to eat, look at that fork and spoon and be reminded that our lifestyle of worship must include a healthy grasp of  that which is temporary and also that which is eternal.  

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