How can I worship God with my hands?

Posted by Charles Billingsley on

When I mention a phrase like "worship God with your hands" many people might think I'm merely talking about the Sunday morning experience where we lift our hands in praise during a worship song or prayer.  And even though that is certainly a Biblical expression of our worship, it is just as strong of a display of worship when we use our hands in service to God and to others.  Worship always includes three elements: glory, dedication and sacrifice. Lifting our hands in praise is ascribing glory to God.  But reaching out our hands in service requires sacrifice.  Both acts serve a proper purpose in worship, and our walk with God requires both.  So this Sunday while you are church, praise God with your hands and lift your voice in glorious praise.  But, when the song is over, look around and realize you can worship God throughout the week by using those same hands to serve Him by serving others.

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