How can I worship God with my body?

Posted by Charles Billingsley on

How can I worship God with my body?  Well, worshiping God with our bodies is quite different than the mindset of our current culture which is quite obsessed with worshiping the body itself.  There is certainly nothing wrong with living a healthy lifestyle and eating properly.  In fact, we should do that, as our bodies are a temple unto the Lord and we need to  treat them as such.  However, worshiping God with our bodies as a "living sacrifice" as Paul puts it in Romans 12, means we present all we are as an offering to God. So worship isn't just something we think about, it is something we do…with our hands, feet, ears and eyes.  It means we glorify God wherever we are and with whatever we are doing.  Remember, worship isn't just reserved for Sunday morning songs.  Worship is you and me loving the Lord in all aspects of life, in work or in play.  So jump in and worship God with your whole heart AND your body.

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